Our COVID-19 hub is a resource centre for all ESSNA’s activities related to the ongoing pandemic.  Communications with our members and the industry are more important than ever and we endeavour to provide ESSNA members with the same support and level of service that is to be expected during these challenging times.

ESSNA guide to home-based sports nutrition

We have released a guide to home-based sports nutrition, amidst widespread lockdown and ongoing social distancing measures implemented across Europe. The guide is released in response to the new normal of home-based living. 


ESSNA Guide on Exercise Restrictions

To support the sports nutrition sector in the context of the COVID-19 and the consequent restrictions, ESSNA published a monthly guide to exercise restriction measures across Europe.  As restrictions have been lifted across Europe, ESSNA is no longer producing this guide, however we keep the situation monitored for any further developments.
ESSNA is also engaged in discussions at the EU level as part of the European Commission’s Expert Group on “Strengthening the recovery and the crisis resilience of the sport sector during and in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic” to discuss the recovery of the sports nutrition sector in the aftermath of the pandemic.
For more information on this strand of work, please contact the Secretariat at info@essna.com


ESSNA’s crisis comms service

ESSNA relaunched a refreshed crisis comms service in the context of the ongoing pandemic, providing support to members, companies and individuals from the sports nutrition sector during this challenging time. Alongside this, we have created  a document with essential advice on Managing a Crisis, providing tips and guidance on how to manage potential crises during these challenging times for businesses and individuals in the sports nutrition sector.


ESSNA’s webinar series

Europe’s voice for sports nutrition has launched a new webinar series bringing together international panels of experts to facilitate industry debate around the challenges and the way forward for the sports nutrition industry in the aftermath of the current global pandemic.”

These webinars are part of ESSNA’s refreshed strategy to support the entire industry’s recovery from the Covid-19 fallout. Each webinar featured expert speakers from the industry and political institutions across Europe and the rest of the world, who came together to discuss a variety of topics of relevance for the sector. The webinar touched upon, amongst others, the recovery strategy for the sector, opportunities and challenges for the sports nutrition industry in times of coronavirus, non-compliance and products contamination and changes in consumer behaviours.

  • ESSNA Webinar Episode 1 “EU vs US sports nutrition markets in the era of Covid-19”: Available here.
  • ESSNA Webinar Episode 2 “What preferred exit strategy for the sport sector after Covid-19?”: Available here.


ESSNA statement on non-compliance in times of Covid-19

“As sports nutrition consumers look for guidance and support in an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle during these challenging times of uncertainty, ESSNA would like to draw attention to some companies and individuals in the sector making unfounded claims about their products. As the largest trade association and the voice of the sports nutrition sector in Europe, ESSNA would like to give some clear advice on the role of sports nutrition in the context of Covid-19. Read the full statement here.


ESSNA’s beginner’s guide to sports nutrition

ESSNA’s guide, 12-steps to getting you started with sports nutrition, is here!  As millions of Europeans are told to stay at home, this guide will help you to tailor your daily physical activity and to start supplementing their indoors healthy lifestyle with sports nutrition.