01 April 2020. The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) has released an introductory guide to the essentials of sports nutrition, amidst the spread of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. The guide is released in response to millions of Europeans needing to stay at home and tailor their daily physical activity, to provide a credible source of information for those looking to start supplementing their healthy lifestyle with sports nutrition at home.

The step-by-step guide, designed for beginners and beneficial for those looking to keep fit in quarantine, guides the reader through the necessary actions to consume sports nutrition products as part of a balanced diet and maintain an active lifestyle. These steps include giving a useful introduction to the world of sports nutrition, identifying goals and needs for the individual, outlining the main types of nutrients of which we should be aware to maintain our nutritional needs, and how to avoid unsafe consumption of sports nutrition products, guaranteeing an appropriate yet effective approach to staying healthy.

Adam Carey, the Chair of ESSNA, said: “This is a useful and practical guide, suited to equip beginners with knowledge and a means of staying physically active during these difficult times. Throughout this difficult period, ESSNA is committed to being responsible and encouraging people to adapt their habits in order to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We understand the challenges presented by the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and we would like to help all members of society in any way we can. Exercise remains as important as ever at times like these, and our aim is to cut through the myriad of misinformation available on the internet to provide Europeans, particularly those that are new to the world of sports nutrition, with a set of safe, simple and educational steps to get them started.

“ESSNA’s priority is, of course, the safety of its consumers and we are continuing to work on material that can help the European consumer stay active and healthy. We urge everyone to ensure they abide by government advice and minimise contact as much as possible.” 

The ESSNA website also hosts its 12-step guide to sports nutrition and links to other resources such as our Watch Your Protein guide and Dos and Don’ts of sports nutrition. This material is designed to assist by outlining the most effective and safe ways to stay fit and healthy, written by a wide range of experts from the sports nutrition sector.

For more information or a quote from Dr Adam Carey, please contact Felix Zadek-Ewing via felix@essna.com

About the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance

The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance is an alliance of European and North American sports nutrition companies that was formed in December 2003.

A full list of members of the Alliance can be found on the website: https://essna.com/members/