The European Specialist Sport Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) is the trade association representing the interests of the sport nutrition sector across Europe. Our members are big international companies, smaller specialist brands, suppliers of ingredients, sport nutrition publications, as well as national associations.

ESSNA was created in 2003 to campaign for appropriate policies and legislation on sports nutrition products.  Today ESSNA is a mature and respected organisation, widely recognised by legislators and the mainstream media as the voice of the responsible specialist sports nutrition sector in Europe.

ESSNA’s mission

  • To ensure the development of an appropriate and balanced regulatory framework for sport nutrition products
  • To inform members of legislative developments and provide regulatory advice to ensure compliance
  • To promote reputable sport nutrition brands in the media
  • To address the issue of non-compliant products tarnishing the reputation of the sector
  • To promote initiatives and campaigns to inform consumers of the benefits of regular physical activity, healthier diets and responsible use of sport nutrition products
  • To support continued independent scientific research into sport nutrition and into issues relating to quality and safety

ESSNA cooperates actively with the European Union institutions and Agencies, national governments, trade bodies, consumer organisations and leading scientists to ensure the fulfillment of its missions. We also work closely with the media to defend the reputation of the market across the continent, and to promote positive messages about responsible sport nutrition products.

ESSNA’s Officers

The Officers define ESSNA’s vision, policies and priorities taking into account advice from the Secretariat and according to an action plan agreed by the membership. It also supervises ESSNA’s day to day activities.


Luca Bucchini, Hylobates

Vice Chairs

Claudia Mucciardi, Glanbia Nutritionals (UK)

Terence O’Rorke, LGC Group

Aimee Wheeler, The Hut Group

Simon Jurkiw, Bulk

What do our officers have to say about ESSNA? Watch the video to find out.

Wider Membership

ESSNA holds full meetings four times a year. All Members must approve the annual accounts, adopt the action plan and establish internal rules of procedure. A full list of ESSNA’s members can be found here.

All ESSNA’s members abide by its Code of Practice. ESSNA’s members are all entitled to use its trademarked kitemark on their products, websites and promotional materials which identifies them as ESSNA members. For more information about the kitemark, please contact ESSNA at 

ESSNA’s Secretariat

ESSNA’s Secretariat provides policy, regulatory and media relations advice to the organisation on all issues affecting the sport nutrition sector. 

The Secretariat is also responsible for delivering ESSNA’s day to day activity. It maintains close contacts with key policy makers, regulatory authorities and the media. The Secretariat is provided by Whitehouse Communications.

The Permanent Secretariat comprises of:

Chris Whitehouse

Viviana Spaghetti

Laura Contin

Andrea Solana

Aris Myriskos

Zoe Choulika

Denise Walter

Ava Strowel