Science in Sport (SiS), a leading performance nutrition brand, has joined the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA).

Since 1992, SiS has been combining world-class knowledge and scientific formulations to provide optimal performance solutions across the nutritional need states of energy, hydration, and recovery.

Trusted by professional and Olympic athletes in a range of sports across the world, SiS is the official sports nutrition partner to several professional cycling organisations as well as high performing elite institutions and fuels over 150 professional soccer clubs.

ESSNA has continued to grow its membership as the sports nutrition industry faces an uncertain regulatory environment due to elections in the European Parliament and the UK this year. Significant changes in the political landscape are expected on both sides of the Channel, which will most likely signal a shift in legislative proposals affecting the food industry, such as the introduction of mandatory front-of-pack nutrition labelling (FOPNL) in the EU and the recent focus in the UK on the role of ultra-processed foods and foods high in fat, sugar, and salt (HFSS) and how they influence health outcomes.

Ahead of the European elections, ESSNA will be engaged in an outreach programme on behalf of its members outlining the Alliance’s priority issues, which include the role of sports nutrition products in supporting healthy and active lifestyles, ensuring consumer safety while promoting innovation and monitoring ongoing developments in artificial intelligence.

With its consistent growth, ESSNA is bringing together different parts of the sports and active nutrition supply chain to make sure the industry, which is worth €3.4 billion in Europe and $48.7 billion globally, is fully consulted as part of any future discussion about regulatory change.

The Chair of ESSNA, Luca Bucchini said:

We are very excited to see ESSNA marking the start of the year dynamically with such an important addition to our membership, Science in Sport. SiS is a science and innovation-driven company whose products have been certified by Informed Sport, making it one of the industry’s compliance pioneers. As an ESSNA member, SiS is committed to our core values, which include adhering to the highest safety standards and regulations governing sports foods.

By sharing vital, on-the-ground information, SiS will feed into our public affairs campaigns aiming to ensure the regulatory framework of sports and active nutrition products is based on sound science and enables the industry’s growth and development.

Zivile Sniokaite, Product Director at Science in Sport said:

“We are excited to be joining ESSNA and being part of representing the interests of the sport nutrition sector across Europe. Being given a presence within an organisation that improves the ability for SiS to influence and shape policy governing the sector will allow for greater development opportunities for the products we create.

It will also give us much clearer guidance on interpretation of rules and regulatory updates specifically regarding our product categories and help us to minimize risks of non-compliance and potential regulatory sanctions”.