Many of the major players from the sports nutrition industry across Europe gathered on 7 December at Stamford Bridge stadium, in what is a landmark fifth year for the awards, to celebrate all that the sector has achieved in 2023 at the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards (ESSNawards).

Delivered by Whitehouse Communications in partnership with the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA), the ESSNawards gave brands, organisations and ambassadors active in the sports nutrition industry an opportunity to be recognised and celebrated by their peers for their contributions to the sector. It also brought together key stakeholders to network and exchange ideas about anticipated 2024 market trends, sustainability, and the future of the sports nutrition.

The event included presentations from industry experts including Chris Whitehouse, Chairman and Managing Director of Whitehouse Communications, Luca Bucchini, Chair of ESSNA, motivational speaker Jonathan Acott, who is the first six-time cancer survivor to run a marathon on every continent, Whitehouse Communications food and nutrition expert Andrea Gutierrez-Solana, and Terence O’Rorke, Business Development Manager at LGC.

20 awards were won last week, listed below. The winners and runners up were identified by an independent panel of expert judges from a range of diverse backgrounds. All of the finalists are responsible, forward-facing sports nutrition brands and producers in Europe who have continued to grow and innovate in an ever-expanding market.

Best Protein Bar

Winner: MyProtein – Triple Chocolate Fudge Layered Bar

Runner Up: Healthspan Elite – All Blacks HiLo Vegan Protein Bar

Most Exciting Partnership

Winner: Gencor Levagen®+ X HydroCurc®

Runner Up: Myprotein – Myprotein X Jelly Belly

Best Sports Nutrition Ingredient

Winner: Gencor – Levagen+®

Runner Up: Kerry Taste & Nutrition – BC30™

Best “Free-From” Product

Winner: Mellifera – MelliGel Organic Honey Energy Gel

Runner Up: Kinetica Sports – Chocolate Plant Protein

Sustainability Leader of the Year

Winner: Weider Nutrition

Best Protein Powder/Shake

Winner: Optimum Nutrition – Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein

Runner Up: MyProtein – Clear Whey Isolate

Best Targeted Product

Winner: Crown Sport Nutrition – Hyper (1:0.8)

Runner Up: Nutrition X – Repair Collagen Shot

Best Sports Hydration Drink

Winner: Crown Sport Nutrition – Isodrink & Energy

Runner Up: Myprotein – The EAA

Best Sports Nutrition Company

Winner: Nutrition X

Runner Up: Crown Sport Nutrition

Best Sports Nutrition Product

Winner: Kinetica Sports – Collagen with Turmeric Shots

Runner Up: Crown Sport Nutrition – Hyper (1:0.8)

Luca Bucchini, Chair of ESSNA said:
“The sports and active nutrition sector is constantly evolving with businesses achieving remarkable feats of science and innovation across Europe and all around the world. On 7 December, the brightest and best gathered to celebrate the greatest successes in our sector and honour cutting-edge products and brand excellence. Over the past few years, our industry has witnessed significant growth and has managed to overcome trade and regulatory challenges, such as Brexit, the pandemic and economic downturn and turn them into opportunities. This year’s ESSNawards was a celebration of that.’

Chris Whitehouse, Chairman of Whitehouse Communications, comments:

“It is particularly gratifying to mark this occasion in what has also been a landmark year for Whitehouse Communications, our 25th Anniversary. It seems fitting that as we celebrate 25 years of delivering issues led integrated communications, including extensive work in the European nutrition sector, we also celebrate 5 years of excellence in the sports nutrition industry. This has undoubtedly been our strongest year yet, and we look forward to another 5 years of recognising innovation and success within the industry.”

Terence O’Rorke, Business Development Manager, Informed Sport, contributed:

“Informed Sport has been thrilled to continue our work in supporting and being a part of this year’s ESSNawards. “With the industry continuing to grow and innovate in spite of various outside challenges in the last few years, the safety and compliance of new products remains key, which is where Informed Sport hopes to continue supporting new brands.”