On 17th October, ESSNA Chair Luca Bucchini travelled to Rennes to moderate a NutrEvent panel discussion titled “Latest innovations and future growth segments in alternative sources of proteins”. The discussion focused on the latest developments, challenges and opportunities in the alternative proteins sector with expert speakers Nathalie Lévy (Nutrikeo), Catherine Lefranc-Millot (Roquette), Quentin Loth (Bosque Foods) and Juliette Raoul-Fortésa (Capagro).

Meanwhile, ESSN Vice Chair, Simon Jurkiw presented the latest regulatory challenges and ESSNA’s work at the recent Active Nutrition Summit in Amsterdam on 9th-10th October. His presentation covered the EU’s sustainability agenda, food labelling, restrictions in the UK on high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) products, ingredients and composition and EU-UK regulatory divergence.

As the voice of the sports and active nutrition industry in Europe, ESSNA collaborates with and contributes to leading European trade events, including the Active Nutrition SummitVitafoodsFI Europe and FI GlobalFood Matters Live and NutrEvent . Find out more here.