The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA), the voice for the sports and active nutrition sector in Europe, has announced further growth with JLB Développement’s recent addition to its membership. JLB Développement is a leading French contract manufacturer, specialised in sports nutrition, food supplements and health products.

JLB Développement joins ESSNA ahead of a series of upcoming regulatory developments in the EU and the UK that will affect its sports foods portfolio, such as the European Commission’s work on the setting of maximum permitted levels for vitamins and minerals added to foods as well as the ongoing policy debates across Europe on reducing the consumption of ultra processed foods. With its continuous expansion, ESSNA is uniting the sports and active nutrition industry to facilitate exchanges of knowledge and effectively utilise on-the-ground information to tackle regulatory challenges for the sector in Europe.

The Chair of ESSNA, Luca Bucchini said:

“We’re delighted to see ESSNA’s continued expansion with JLB Développement being the latest company to join our association. As a member of ESSNA, JLB Développement will contribute to our targeted campaigns aiming to secure a fit-for-purpose European legislation for sports foods and help stakeholders develop a better understanding of the crucial role these products play in catering for the dietary needs of sportspeople and active consumers.

The sports and active nutrition sector in Europe is witnessing major regulatory challenges, including new labelling requirements, advertising restrictions, the setting of limits for certain vitamins and minerals and ambitious objectives for a more sustainable food chain. In this context, it is now more important than ever for sports foods companies to work together and act with a strong and united voice to secure appropriate and proportionate legislation that supports the industry’s continued growth.

ESSNA is working to ensure that businesses in the sector can inform the legislation that affects their products, combining its members commercial and technical knowledge with ESSNA’s decades of experience in policy engagement”.

Emmanuel Graille, General Director of JLB said:

“We are JLB, passionate individuals working as a French contract manufacturer since 2001, and we are part of the Lactalis Group. We offer a comprehensive service for product development and manufacturing, specializing in three main areas: sports nutrition, food supplements, and infant nutrition market”.

“As a historical player in the sector within the French market, we are eager to collaborate with ESSNA and other industrial players to align ourselves with the European legislative landscape. We humbly aim to contribute to the evolution of the intricate legislative framework that governs the manufacturing, composition, and labelling of sports foods”.

“In the coming years, we aspire to bring our services and expertise in gel, liquid, and powder forms to other European players based in countries such as the UK, Germany, Italy, and others”.

Laetitia Gemelas, Quality Coordinator at JLB Développement said:

“JLB’s team is pleased to join ESSNA’s members. Thanks to ESSNA we will be able to follow the upcoming regulation concerning sport nutrition and also ask questions brought by current events and our customers. Those exchanges will give us the opportunity to be more accurate for new products development”.

For more information or further comment from the Chair of ESSNA, please contact:

Aris Myriskos

Press Office, ESSNA Secretariat