ESSNA is delighted to welcome its new Chairman, Luca Bucchini. Luca is a food risk scientist and expert in sports foods regulation, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. Luca has worked with ESSNA for over 10 years and has been a long standing Vice-Chair, in parallel to acting as Managing Director of his Rome-based food consultancy Hylobates Consulting.

Luca succeeds ESSNA’s former Chairman Dr Adam Carey, who has resigned from his post to assume an external position. Alongside the other Vice-Chairs, Luca will be supporting ESSNA’s ongoing growth, overseeing and advising on the overall direction of the association’s priorities and strategy. Leading ESSNA, Luca will ensure the organisation continues to secure fit for purpose legislation for the industry and raise the sector’s profile in the press to help stakeholders gain a better understanding of sports and active nutrition.

ESSNA’s Chair, Luca Bucchini said:

“I am honoured by the trust that the ESSNA membership has placed on me. After 20 years of consulting in food regulatory affairs and a decade of working with ESSNA, I feel privileged to assume the position of ESSNA’s Chair.”

“I am determined to listen to all members, and I look forward to representing our organisation where needed, and, with the support and advice of fellow Vice-Chairs, help ESSNA achieve our shared aim of advancing our industry”.

“Physical activity and sports are key to health and wellbeing, and our industry needs to be able to play its fundamental role in supporting an active lifestyle. Our consumers, whether elite athletes or fitness enthusiasts, have come to expect that we keep up with the science and with their unique needs; that we work with regulators to make sure that the right products are available to them, and that we can communicate the benefits of sports and active nutrition in a meaningful manner”.

“I look forward to further supporting ESSNA’s efforts to meet these expectations and I’m excited to take the reins and continue Adam’s incredible work to date, for which I coudn’t be more grateful; I wish him the best of luck with his new role”.   

ESSNA’s former Chairman, Dr Adam Carey said:

“It is with great sadness that I am resigning from my position as Chair of ESSNA. I have greatly enjoyed my time working with the association to put forward the interests of the sector and help the industry grow and evolve”.

“I would like to say huge thanks to all the ESSNA officers for their fantastic work and support without whom none of ESSNA’s great achievements would have been possible”.

“I wish Luca all the best in his work and I’m certain that he will lead ESSNA with the same enthusiasm and success as he has supported the organisation as Vice-Chair over all these years”.

Following Luca Bucchini’s election as Chair, ESSNA will soon be holding an election process to announce a new Vice-Chair as his replacement.

ESSNA’s current Vice-Chairpersons are:

Claudia Mucciardi, Associate Director, Regulatory & Quality Compliance – Europe, Nutrabolt

Terence O’Rorke, Business Development Manager, LGC Group

Aimee Wheeler, EU Food Regulatory Manager, The Hut Group

For more information or further comment from ESSNA Chair, Luca Bucchini please contact: 

Aristeidis Myriskos

ESSNA Secretariat, Press Office