In October, ESSNA spoke to Milk Specialties Global’s Lindsey Ormond, Director of Nutrition & Research, and Jonathan Fox, Director of Business Development, about the company’s latest range of innovative nutrition products and ingredients.  

Based out of the American Midwest, ESSNA Member, Milk Specialties Global (MSG), is a leading supplier of protein, dairy ingredients, extruded products and private label services. With 11 facilities serving 38 countries and over 75 years in business, MSG’s science-led human and animal nutrition divisions are recognised around the globe for delivering superior nutrition performance.  

When it comes to MSG’s exciting range of sports nutrition ingredients, Jonathan spotlighted PRObev, an award-winning, ready-to-mix, whey protein isolate that is clear in solution and compliments a variety of refreshing, fruit-focused flavors.  

PRObev™ allows brands to launch different types of flavours,” Jonathan explained. “Rather than the traditional chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and banana, with PRObev™, brands are now able to explore a greater mix of flavours, including peach iced tea, cherry lemonade and others, that will be more thirst-quenching post-workout and empowers brands to continue to innovate.  

“It’s an ingredient that’s gaining in popularity all the time in our main markets in the US, Europe and beyond, so we’re really excited to see how that develops in the coming years, as well as how we continue to innovate and improve that range.” 

But the mission to create high-quality ingredients doesn’t end there! Lindsey revealed that MSG will soon be rolling-out their all-new NutriPRO™ Lactoferrin range to meet growing consumer demand for health-enhanced products for all life stages.  

What is lactoferrin, we hear you ask. MSG’s Director of Nutrition & Research explains:  

“Lactoferrin is a protein fraction that’s found in small amounts in standard whey protein. Using technology, we can increase the concentration of lactoferrin to up to 95% purity.  

“The main benefits of lactoferrin are immune support and development, as well as recent studies that have looked at lactoferrin supplementation around COVID-19, which has been really interesting. And now that we’re hopefully moving away from the COVID era, there’s a lot of data around lactoferrin for common colds, gastrointestinal upsets, and the benefits of it in adult nutrition. So, it’s a really exciting moment with some nice science behind it as well. 

“Lactoferrin works in different formulations too, so it’s available as tablets, capsules, or can be used in gummies, ready-to-drink, and ready-to-mix formulas.” 

Watch our full interview below to learn more about Milk Specialties Global and its cutting-edge ingredients. 

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