As part of ESSNA’s initiative “Member of the Month”, in September 2022, ESSNA spoke to Crown Sport Nutrition’s Founder and CEO, Pol Gieco Villegas, about the company’s drive to create leading, science-backed and Informed Sport-certified sports nutrition supplements in partnership with researchers at the Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid and the University of Greenwich in London. 

Pol also announced the exclusive news that Crown Sport Nutrition will, for the first time, be shipping its products to the UK and beyond in the coming months.  

ESSNA member Crown Sport Nutrition, based in Spain, is a leading producer of hydration, recovery, protein and pre-workout formulas tailored for a range of endurance and resistance-training goals. The brand also boasts an impressive selection of diet-inclusive products, including vegan, lactose and gluten-free supplements. 

With the wealth of products, ingredients and supplements on the market, the sports nutrition market can be a crowded place. We asked Pol what sets Crown Sport Nutrition apart:  

Our main difference is that we develop our products with scientists that are always adapted to real-life and real athletes. We have published 11 scientific articles in high impact journals. That is our main difference.  

“Our collaborations with universities, sports teams, and high-performance centres in Spain, as well as Informed Sport certification and science-based formulas, also help to set us apart. And while some brands may have these qualities, we believe that our published scientific research is key to making us stand out,” Pol explained.  

Watch our full interview below to learn more about Crown Sport Nutrition, it’s published research, products and journey into sports nutrition. 

VIDEO: ESSNA Member of the Month: Crown Sport Nutrition 

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