In May, ESSNA spoke to THG Nutrition’s Product Development Manager, Paul Smith-Johnson, about the new global partnerships that THG has successfully cultivated to create new and exciting sports nutrition products.

Since 2020, THG Nutrition brands, Myprotein and Myvegan, have collaborated with much-loved confectioners, Swizzels and Hotel Chocolat, to create a range of unique and innovative whey and plant-based protein bars and blends. These sweet treats boast low sugar counts while helping to fuel consumers’ sporting and nutritional needs.  

Paul explained that THG Nutrition brands are “becoming more well-known for the global partnerships that we’ve put in place. Looking back at what we’ve launched recently with Hotel Chocolat and Swizzels, that’s something that we do quite regularly and that we’ve become known for as innovative within the sports nutrition industry.” 

“We’ve had great success with global partnerships and opening the doors to new ideas that wouldn’t be otherwise possible. Collaborating with brands such as Hotel Chocolat allows us to generate new and innovative ideas together and leverage each other’s insights into how products should taste and appear while creating products that customers of both brands can buy into.”  

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