In September, ESSNA spoke to Synergy Flavours’ Category Manager Chris Whiting, about the new technologies being use to improve the flavour of sports nutrition products.  

Chris explained “Synergy is a leading global supplier of flavour ingredients […] We’re also part of the wider Carbery Group, a dairy cooperative based in Ireland. They specialise in the supply of cheese but also whey proteins such as isolates and hydrolysates. They would supply these into a number of nutrition categories but also the specialist sports nutrition industry. 

He went on to explain, Being part of the Carbery Group puts us in a unique position as a flavour house. We have a very close working relationship which means we have decades of expertise in the team of working with and flavouring proteins.  

“But it also means we have access to their dairy raw materials stream, which allows us to create unique dairy flavours which use these raw materials in combination with processes like enzyme modification and fermentation. This allows us to create very concentrated and authentic dairy flavours.” 

In September Synergy launched a brand-new range of functional flavour ingredients for whey proteins using dairy technology. The new range can deliver several desirable attributes including creamy taste and texture, masking and improving flavour delivery. 

You can find more information on Synergy Flavours’ products here

You can watch the full interview on the ESSNA YouTube channel here or by clicking the image below. 

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