ESSNA is delighted to present it’s very first Member of the Month: LGC!

In June, ESSNA spoke to Terence O’Rorke, Business Development Manager at LGC and ESSNA Vice Chair, about LGC’s newly expanded INFORMED program.

The INFORMED program has been an industry leader for many years, providing testing and certification services designed to combat inadvertent doping and making sports nutrition and supplements safer for consumer use.

LGC recently saw a need in the industry for B2B certifications, so expanded their range to cover raw ingredients supplies and manufacturing facilities.

Terence O’Rorke explained: “INFORMED is the umbrella name for a unique range of global testing and certification for the sports nutrition and supplements industry. It meets the needs of all sectors of the industry, the finished product brands, the raw materials suppliers and the manufacturing facilities.

“We have INFORMED Sport and INFORMED Choice, the most widely trusted consumer programs for finished products, while INFORMED Ingredients and INFORMED Manufacturer are B2B programs providing assurance for raw materials suppliers and manufacturing facilities.

“INFORMED stands for quality assurance and confidence for the sports nutrition and supplements industry.”

For more information on the newly expanded INFORMED programme and how your company can work with LGC, please contact Terence O’Rorke at

You can watch the full interview on the ESSNA YouTube channel here or by clicking the image below.

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