The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) has released a guide to home-based sports nutrition, amidst widespread lockdown and ongoing social distancing measures implemented across Europe. The guide is released in response to the new normal of home-based living. 

The 5 step guide, designed for people of all fitness levels, supports anyone trying to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, no matter the size or location of their home. These steps include ensuring everyone gains enough vitamins, thinking creatively about exercise at home and ensuring your sleep routine is a priorityThe guide also includes two interactive sections: one that helps readers to tailor their nutritional intake with their activity goals and the other ‘don’t forget’ section helps readers to avoid situations such as inadvertent doping.

Adam Carey, the Chair of ESSNA, said: At this difficult time, many may feel concerned about exercising and their mental health. Our new ESSNA guide has been designed to ensure that everyone can stay active at home safely and feel a little more in control of their lives and health. No matter where you live or how small your home may be, this guide will help you to remain active. It includes our top at-home sports nutrition tips, how to think creatively about activities at home, and how to tailor your nutrition to your individual exercise goals.”

“ESSNA’s priority is, of course, the safety of its consumers and we are continuing to work on material that can help the European consumer stay active and healthy. We urge everyone to ensure they abide by government advice and minimise contact as much as possible.”   

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The ESSNA website also hosts other resources, such as its beginner’s guide to sports nutrition and links to other resources such as our Watch Your Protein guide and Dos and Don’ts of sports nutrition. This material is designed to assist by outlining the most effective and safe ways to stay fit and healthy, written by a wide range of experts from the sports nutrition sector.