On 28th March ESSNA attended the European Association Awards 2019  taking place in Brussels in which ESSNA was a finalist in the category ‘Most Innovative Development by an Association‘ with its non-compliance campaign. As  the industry trade association and therefore representative, ESSNA has demonstrated an excellent ability to tackle non-compliance by taking the responsibility for the removal of the non-compliant products ourselves, as well as taking on the task of communicating directly with the public, educating the sports nutrition consumer on what they should be using.

ESSNA is very pleased with the feedback received from the Judges as follows: 

“Identified information gap and need for awareness campaign. Set up comprehensive policing system. Use of anonymous reporting is good, and the specific ESSNA trademark logo to help inform consumers choice.”

“Really excellent example of supporting regulators and understanding their challenges (time, lack of resource). They go above and beyond their remit as voluntary regulatory association body.”

“Really strong supporting files. The How To guides are informative yet not patronising their audience. Eye catching, visually appeasing, interactive pdf. Really top notch. It tackles both aims: educates about the health benefits and risks, while also raising awareness about the buying process. Promote the ESSNA logo and demystifies the sometimes complicated ingredient list. I’d like to know how they promoted this in the market – strategy, tactics”

“Well done ESSNA! I like the effort made to tackle the problem in an individual, customized way. And for the association to go beyond it remits in this case really benefits the wider society.”

“Strong example of an association living up to the goal of industry being ‘part of the solution’. Voluntarily and proactively addressing a market’s regulatory failure, to ultimately strengthen the health of the industry. Example of self-regulation that goes beyond window-dressing and works in close partnership with statutory bodies”